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Training Site for "Music and Sound as Therapy"

Welcome to our online training site for "Music and Sound as Therapy." A brief word about what is required to view the documents and videos: you will need Acrobat Reader (version 9, X, or XI work best) to view most of the presentations, Quicktime to view the videos, and a broadband internet connection to view documents and videos on the internet. To the extent possible, we will use YouTube videos to avoid compatibility issues. Go to the Adobe and Apple websites to download Acrobat Reader and Quicktime if you don't already have them.

While the basic presentations were prepared in PowerPoint, with extensive linking to material on the internet, they were all converted to Acrobat PDF files. Some pages have mp3 sound files. Some are set to begin playing when you open the page and will stop when you advance to the next don't advance to the next page until the sound clip has completed. Others have a stop and start button, but will also stop when you advance to the next page.

Administrative and other information will be placed in the "Information" section of this home page. Scroll down to view

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