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Bio of Dr. Arthur W. Harvey

Throughout his forty-seven years as a music educator, Dr. Harvey has directed his energy and interests in three areas:

(1) school music, with an emphasis on special needs students,

(2) church music, and

(3) health care music.

He received a B.S. from Gordon College in 1959, a M.M. from Boston University in 1965, a D.M.A. from Temple University in 1974, and pursued post-doctoral studies in several areas related to music.

He is a past President of the Hawaii Music Educators Association, and has been active in MENC since 1959, including serving on the first MENC National Committee for Special Needs Individuals.

Dr. Harvey is internationally known as an authority on music for special needs individuals, music and the brain, music and learning, and music and health. He has provided training and spoken at conferences in 23 countries, as well as throughout the United States, including Japan, China, Singapore, Thailand, Taiwan, Hong Kong, India, Tunisia, Morocco, Australia, New Zealand, England, Denmark, Germany, Venezuela, Puerto Rico and Canada.

Dr. Harvey has been associated with the Department of Music at the University of Hawaii at Manoa in Music Education for almost two decades, and also has been teaching a course on Music As Therapy at Kapiolani Community College. Although retired from UHM, he will continue to teach three UHM online graduate courses: Psychology of Music--MUS 701B, The History and Philosophy of Music Education--MUS 601, and Music As Therapy--MUS 400.

He served as Director of Music and Worship for Calvary by the Sea Lutheran Church for 10 years, and helped start the first non-profit organization devoted to music therapy in Hawaii, Sounding Joy Music Therapy Inc, www.soundingjoymt. org and continues to serve as vice-president of SJMT.

Dr. Harvey was active for many years with VSAarts nationally, internationally and in recent years with VSAarts of Hawaii-Pacific.

Before moving to Hawaii in 1991, Dr. Harvey was on the faculty of Eastern Kentucky University for 17 years as Professor of Music Education. He was also on the faculty of the University of Louisville (KY) School of Medicine for five years, and assisted in the development of the Program for Arts in Medicine.

Dr. Harvey�s broad background in music education has included experience as a concert and marching band director, orchestra conductor, choir director, general and special education music education teacher, and has taught in Maine, New Brunswick Canada, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Kentucky and Hawaii. He continues to be active as a speaker and consultant in the fields of Music and Education as well as Music for Health Services/Therapy/ Medicine.

Dr. Harvey has been a member of ACDA, ALCM, HMEA, MENC as well as the International Society for Music in Medicine (ISMM). He is featured on a 7-show video series, Music and the Brain, and released a 2-CD set of Music for Health and Wellness. He also co-authored a book and CD, "LEARN WITH THE CLASSICS" (LWC) that was released in 1999. LWC is currently being translated into Japanese and Chinese. He released two CDs in 2003, a special recording of Hawaiian songs with a heartbeat, �ISLAND SOUNDS HEALING HEART�, and a Christmas CD and book for ESL teaching, �SINGING THE WORD OF CHRISTMAS," with an accompanying book, Mina's Star, which was translated into Japanese in December 2004.

A recent book, "A JOURNEY OF EXPLANATION: A Roadmap to Understanding Music & The Brain" was released in January 2004 as a compilation of articles Dr. Harvey has authored related to his research on music and the brain.

He has published many articles, authored chapters in several books, and co-authored several training manuals in music for special needs individuals. His latest recording released in October 2005, �Euphonium for Euphemia� was a tribute to his Mother who died at age 95 in October 2005.

Dr. Harvey is available for speaking, consulting and training and may be reached at or , 808 352-6088 and by mail at MUSIC FOR HEALTH SERVICES, 474 Outer Dr. Ellenton, FL 34222.

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Dr. Arthur W. Harvey, B.S., M.M., D.M.A.
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