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This section will contain a variety of items that illustrate the career, expertise, and writings of Dr. Harvey. Click on a blue button to view an item of interest.

Article "An Intelligence View of Music Education"

Click on the blue button to view a printable version of an article authored by Dr. Harvey..."An Intelligence View of Music Education;" February 1997

Music as Therapy chart

Music-as-Therapy "Chart"

Music as Therapy chart

Dr. Harvey has a secondary website that can be viewed by clicking on the blue button.

Interview about the Q Chord

Click on the blue button to view the text of an interview of Dr. Harvey about the "QChord and Music Therapy." To view the QChord websie, click on the following text link:

Article in "Music Therapy Today,"

Article in "Music Therapy Today," May 2004, on Dr. Harvey, reporting interview on Bach Reducing Stress.


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