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Global Sound Conference
Marina del Rey Marriott
May 9-12, 2008


The Global Sound Conference is a unique event that will bring together key individuals from the Music, Film and Television industries with Pioneers in the areas of Wellness, Sound Healing, and Integrative Medicine to explore the many ways that sound affects our lives.


Sheila Chandra, Stanley Jordan, Rickie Byars Beckwith & Agape International Choir, Yungchen Lhamo & Greg Ellis,
Shiva Rea, Joshua Leeds, Steven Halpern, Jonathan Goldman, Fabien Maman, Marilyn Schlitz, Dr. Maoshing Ni, Don Estes, Kimba Arem, Zacciah Blackburn, Dorinne Davis, Chloe Goodchild, Jeff Strong, Richard Rudis, Christina Tourin, Jeff Volk, William Jones, Suzanne Sterling, David Hickey, Amrita Cottrell, Billie Thompson, Silvina Vergara, Ganga White, Parker Johnson, Michael Gosney, Alan Howarth, Jimmy Leslie, Raoul Goff, Peggy Black, Jennifer Coffee, Frank Serafine, Sean Ahearn, Steve Wagner, Arthur Harvey, Arthur Hull, Lisa Rafel, Bill Scott, Sheila Smith, Manny Otto and more...

Contributing to the event is an amazing lineup of Doctors, Scientists, Musicians, and Media Visionaries who will address the various components of Sound including Health, Science, Entertainment, and Technology.

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